Two Options of Super Laser Hair Grower: Part 2

Contoh Artikel Jasa Penulisan Artikel

Contoh Artikel Jasa Penulisan Artikel

With falling hair, comb may be a terrible thing for you. You feel horrified anytime you comb your hair and see many strings of hair hinging on it. You know that many people avoid combing their hair just because they are afraid of the falling hair. With conventional comb, the ruder you comb your hair; the more hair is falling off. Laser technology has brought a new definition of hair when it comes to laser hair treatment. Comb in this case is not the one that facilitates hair loss. Comb here is facilitating hair re-growth. Two options of laser hair comb is presented for you. Hairmax laser comb is the most popular device in this category. However, you actually have more options.

Power Laser Grow Comb

If you watch television recently, you may see an advertisement on Power Laser Grow Comb. Now, the laser hair comb comes to your house. It is not merely a television display. It is not a laser hair therapy scam. Laser hair comb advertised in your house is waiting in front of the door. Power Laser Grow Comb combines two types of laser lights. The first is low-level laser light that is popularly applied in laser hair grower products. Low-level laser light releases energy that stimulates cells surrounding the hair follicle, thereby increasing the circulation of blood within the scalp. Enhanced circulation results in stimulation and revitalization over the resting and regressing hair follicles. In turn, the hair growth is returned.

Secondly, Power Laser Grow Comb makes advantage of laser light. The device transmits two classes of laser light, each consisting of seven lights. They are 7 red energy diodes with the capacity of 660 NM and 7 blue energy diode with a capacity of 470 NM. Both laser lights support the work of low-level light, increasing the stimulation process within the scalp. The laser hair treatment device also has bio-stimulation vibration. The feature allows the device to provide a sense of massage. This is useful to increase the circulation and flow of blood. The hair comb can be used daily, each treatment sessions takes only about 10 minutes, and you will enjoy the benefit of fuller hair within few weeks.

XP 12 Laser Hair Treatments

Another new laser comb 2012 is XP12 hair stimulation. The hair comb is claimed to work better than a mere laser comb or a laser brush. How can it be? The laser comb works in three sequential steps: stimulating hair, stopping hair loss, and re-growing hair. So, what makes it different from any other laser comb?

XP12 does not use LED lights. Instead, it uses 12 low-level laser diodes that are known for its effectiveness on the scalp. In addition, the laser comb is suitable for busy individuals. Imagine that you can have your hair treated while you are on the trip. Yes, it is convenient for travel. The laser hair comb has a life span of 5000 hours. The laser hair therapy FDA cleared supports your simplicity of style. Just use the device three times a week, with 15-20 minutes per treatment session. Then, you will see the difference in your overall look. Are you curious?

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